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Proen's consulting team undertakes product development projects for clients ranging from private inventors to large multi-national corporations. Projects can be conducted in our offices or on a client site in close collaboration with the client.
Our consulting services span the four key phases of product development listed below. We undertake large projects that involve all phases and smaller projects that involve a single phase or service.

" At Proen we live Product Design & Engineering
... consulting services and contractors "

Innovation Management

Feasibility Assessment
IP Evaluation
Commercialisation Planning

Proen staff have many years of 'hands on' experience managing product development in Australia. This background provides us with the necessary depth of experience to assist you to position your business for future growth. We also provide mentoring & support for inventors and other clients who are new to product development.



Design Trends
User Requirements
Materials & Applications
Technology & Applications
Manufacturing Processes

We're equipped to undertake a wide range of general and technical research tasks, and links to educational institutions further enhance our in-house capabilities.


Product Development

Industrial Design
Concept & Idea Generation
Product Graphics
Detail Design Resolution
CAD Modelling (3D)
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Simulation (CAE)
Performance Testing
Technical Literature

Proen's design team consists of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists working together in a creative, collaborative environment. This fusion generates products that look great, work well and can be economically manufactured.
Our team has undertaken turn-key product development programs throughout Australia and the world, and every year we produce innovations that result in design registrations, patents and awards.


Manufacturing Preparation

Process Development
Tooling/Equipment Design
Tooling /Equipment Supply
Component Procurement
Supplier Liaison
Quality Planning
Project Management

The task of taking a product from the design office to pilot run then full production can be intimidating. We use our experience to help clients avoid the pitfalls, minimise risks and maximise output. Our independence from toolmakers and equipment vendors gives us the ability to secure great pricing and to bring high quality tooling and equipment projects in on time and within budget.